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List of all works published from 1998-2012

This list was last updated in 2012, although many works have appeared online since then. Take a look at the website and the Facebook page for more information.

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Casting Shadows (Carol Lavelle Snow)
Advent at Klinik Mata (Charity Johnson)
Nocturne with Monkey (D.S. Martin)
First of All, It's Dank in Here (Ed Higgins)
What Holds Up (Pat Cook)
In Every Crisis (Daniel Wilcox)
Spilling Me (S. Grata)
Dove on a Chruch Bench (Karen Kelsay)
Polished Stones (Kevin Heaton)
Ordinary Time (Ann Applegarth)

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List of Published Works

1998 (Issue 1)


A Yet Unfinished Metamorphosis (Skylar Burris)
Ode to Galilee (Bonita Byler)
Unstarted Symphony (Jospeh F. Jamar)
The Chill of Sunlight (Joseph F. Jamar)
Go Into All the World (Arle I. Redner)
Believe (Elizabeth Pearson)
Though Not Divine (Skylar Burris)


A Christmas Story: Promises to Keep (Thomas Burris)
The Exchanve (Elizabeth Pearson)
The Song (Skylar H. Burris)

List of Published Works

1999 (Issue 2)


Fifty Swans (Karen Donovan)
A Seed of Faith (Roger Sedarat)
Silent Stains (Skylar Burris)
The People of Dachau (Sharon Svendsen)
Bonhoeffer (Thomas Dorsett)
Hitler in Heaven (Diane Glancy)
Of Dachau (Roanna Weiss)
Pride (SuzAnne C. Cole)
Obstruction of Construction (Roger Sedarat)
Roots of the Olvie Tree (Constance Rowqeel Mastores)
Shadow (Skylar Burris)
Sacrifice (Edward L. Wier)
Cosmic Irony (Edward L. Wier)
Telephone Call (Pam Wynn)
What Salome Asked For (April Selley)
Fathers and the Dying of Daughters (Larry Marshall Sams)
Seasons (Elizabeth Pearson)
This is Earth, Not Heaven (M. Angele Thomas)
Carpenter Nails (Maureen Tolman Flannery)
Jesus is Bigger Than a Bag og Potato Chips (Gail Aggen)
After the Hurricane (Mary Laufer)
In the Cnayon of the Crescent Moon (David Walters)
A Touch (Heather Dancy)


The Pigeon Man Sings (Mark Blickley)
Mapping My Landscape (Carol P. Bartold)
A Lesson in Human Relations (Karen T. Hamilton)
The Third Day (R.A. Horne)
Endtimes, Endsigns (Karen Arbogast)


Open Tomb (Melinda Turner)
Seasons (Melinda Turner)
Earth (Melinda Turner)
I Am With You (Gail Aggen)
A Touch (Melinda Turner)

List of Published Works

Fall 1999 (Issue 3)


You Are Not Your Own (Karen Donovan)
Derelict (Lowell Anspaugh)
Lost Support (Thomas Dorsett)
Considerations at Dusk (Constance Rowell Mastores)
An Atheist on the Beach (Ed Wier)
Erasure (RC Hildebrandt)
Snake Woman in Tokyo: Chirstmas Ever (April Selley)
Sanctus (Jeffrey Johnson)
As Though He Nothing Said (Skylar Burris)
Lullaby (Dennis Saleh)
Love is not a Sacrifice (Laurieanne Tuttle)
Tall Flowers in Bloom (Giovani Malito)
The Goose Glass (James Miller Robinson)
Separation (Donna Wahlert)
For Stacey on Her 21st Birthday (John Brooks)
I Could Almost Carry You in My Arms (Gertrude Marcus Gerstle)
Another Shore (David Conrad Hamilton)
Nil Sine Numine (Joanne Monte)
Lord (Carol Granato)
Nil Sine Numine (Joanne Monte)
Lord (Carol Granato)
Train to Hangzhou (Ernest M. Schuttenberg)
Looking For the Light (Shayla Hawkins)
Sacrament (Richard Alan Bunch)
Pontius Pilate Considers the Exchange (Shayla Hawkins)
I Was Not Told (Skylar Burris)
Paradox in the Ozarks (Carol Sudik Moore)
A Voice in Ramah (Jefferey Johnson)
Grace (Elizabeth Poreba)
Adam's Vertigo (William John Watkins)
Easter (Elizabeth Poreba)
"No, I die" (Justin Mutter)
The Curse (R.L. Reddinger)
The Promise (R.L. Reddinger)


Ancient Patterns (David Brunet)
Decision Time (Thomas Stephen Burris, Sr.)
The Devil Goes Bowling Sunday Morning (Barbara Benepe)
At the Abbey (Jamie Parsley)


Ruins of the Temple of Apollo, Corinth (Melinda Turner)
His Love is Laughter in Your Heart (Gail Aggen)
The Dead Thief (William Jospeh Willey)

List of Published Works

SPRING 2000 (Issue 4)

A Sense of Place (David Brunet)
A Poem For All Seasons and Accompanying Art Work (Lachlan MacDonald)
Carlos Pellicer Story (Donny Smith)
Childish Mistakes (Mary Ann Carrico-Mitchell)
Conversion on the Road after Damascus (Ruth Rodriguez Nikolic)
The Covenant (Marion Rapp)
Divided (Ida Fasel)
The Esperanto (Jamie Brolin)
God Speaks in the Silence (Ross Whitehead)
John the Baptist (Louise Weld)
Memo to the Almighty (Marjorie Maddox)
Miss Tubbs (John H. Timmerman)
Mister Wilson (Edward Leschke)
One Day She'll Love Dichondra (Robyn Parnell)
Someone to Watch Over Me (Dale Sprowl)
Summer's Passing (T.M. Moore)
Toward April (Rossme Taylor)
With the Wounded (Dwight Liles)

List of Published Works

FALL 2000 (Issue 5) 

Anticipation (Sally Jadlow)
Believe (Corbet Dean)
Breakable (Ross Yates)
Choices (Ida Fasel)
Cushions--poem (Tom Hendrix)
Cushions--art work (Penny Hendrix)
Different Church, A (Ronald Thompson)
Far Side of the Jordan, The (Jim Sanders)
Grace (David Craig)
Haec Dies (Rossme Taylor)
His Hands--art work (Gail Aggen)
Last Judgment, The (Max Money)
Live Feed From Littleton (Scott Carpenter)
Lowest Branches, The (Elizabeth Pearson)
Magdalene (Amber Hipple)
No Battle (Francis Freed)
Ocean Front (Sara Hong)
Prism (Dale Sprowl)
Proposal in the Afternoon (Robert Leo Stanley)
Rock That is Higher, The (J. Gregg Young)
Samuel to David (David Turow)
Shells (Edward Palumbo)
Staring at the Wall (William Woolfitt)
Sudden Death in the House, A (Jene Erick Beardsley)
Vibrations of Love (Lynn Roaten Terrell)
Yearning (Julia Wilkerson Burns)
When I, Someday, Walk Corridors of Peace (Faun Dallachiesa)
Who You Aren't (Gail Aggen)
Wings (David Hay)

List of Published Works

SPRING 2001 (Issue 6)

Alzheimers (Gene Fehler)
Artwork--two untitled pieces (Wendy Lu)
Carpenter (Grey)
Crooked Cross, The (Ann Walko)
Elisha's Room (Wiser)
Empathy (DiJulio)
Eulogy of Hope (DeBerry)
Fruit That Remains (Wilkerson)
Grace (Gail Aggen)
I Went to Your Grave Today (Wiser)
In Jerusalem (Ida Fasel)
Just a Color (Tom Hendrix)
Lying Chimney Sweeps (Gail Aggen)
Long Road Home, The (Floyd)
Mary of Egypt (Donna Farley)
My Cup Runneth Over (Murray)
Passage (C. David Hay)
Passing Saint, The (Wilkerson)
Pentecost (Rourke)
Permission Slip, The (Lynn Roaten Terrell)
Psalm, A (Dale Sprowl)
Sister Mary Magdalene of Poor Clare and the Shroud of Turin (Terry Coffey)
Staying in Line (Fehler)
Sunday Bells (Thomas S. Burris, Sr.)
Tourist (Ida Fasel)
Two Sparrows (Robert Leo Stanley)
Upon The Midnight Clear (Ronald McKinnon Thompson)

List of Published Works

FALL 2001 (Issue 7)

African Child Who Starved to Death (Francis Kunkle)
Art Work (Wendy Lu, Troy Tennard)
After the Marvelous Healing (Walt McDonald) 
AIDS and the Churches (Handsen Chikowore)
Beyond My Bent (Pearl Wilshaw)
Broken Wing (Traphagen)
Childhood's Fortress (Ruth Naylor) 
Dry Season (Myra Hindman)
Fire (Laura Stamps) 
Hiding (Nancy Bailey Miller) 
I Am Poured Out Like Water (Carl Jay Buchanan) 
I Would Not Disobey God (Kevin Stuart Brodie)
Jerusalem (S.E. Darby) 
Legacy (Shirley Malmgren) 
Liberator, The (Kenneth O'Keefe)
Lord's Tennis Ball (Chris Williams)
Martinique, Just Before the Fever (Roger Lewin)
Millennium (Patrick M. Cook)
Mission (Edward Palumbo)
Neighbors Who Came and Went, The (Dennis Johns) 
One Father to Another (Edward J. Rielly)
Perfect Christian (Gail Aggen)
Pilgrimage (Hope B. Green)
Postscript to Myself (Daniel Morin)
Requiem (Robert Karl Meyer II) 
Scratches On A Butcher Block (Steven M. Sloan)
Scriptures for All Needs (Warren Hamby)
Shoreline (Cherise Wyneken)
Skepticism (William Michael Fagan)

Two chapbooks reviewed: A Spleeny Lutheran and Amphora Full of Light

List of Published Works

Spring 2002 (Issue 8)

Artwork by Wendy Lu, Troy Tennard, Mary Frances, and Mark Kilvington

Ambrose's Final Plans (Maureen Stirsman)
A Warmth I've Never Known (Gene Fehler)

Advocations (Ida Fasel)
Call from the Clouds (Dorothy Winslow Wright)
David Soothes Saul with his Harp (Larry Lefkowitz)

Da Vinci's "The Last Supper" (Robery K. Meyer II)
For My John of the Cross (Olivia Diamond)
For Esther (Steven M. Sloan)
God Emeritus (Kevin Stuart Brodie)
Jacob's Angels (Margaret Stavely)
Judas (Robert Wooten)
Keeper of the Keys (Cherise Wyneken)
Kramskoj's Christ in the Desert (Jeff Parker)
Last Sunset, The (John M. Floyd)
Life-Sized Station of the Cross (Erin Tocknell)
Matthew was in the counting house (David Craig)
Railroaded (Maureen Tolman Flannery)
Raised Up By Love (Larry Marshall Sams)
Releases (Phubby Venable)
Sheep from the Goats, The (Kenneth O'Keefe)
Signing (Michael D. Riley)
There's No Stopping How This Will Happen to Us (David James)
Trust Me (Gail Aggen)

List of Published Works

Fall 2002 (Issue 9)

Artwork by Wendy Lu, Troy Tennard, and Ka Hung Yu
Photography by Ekaterina Svetova

The Age of Lycya (Ekaterina Svetova)
Baby Crying (Janet McCann)

Behind the Veil (Teresa Burleson)
The Body of Christ (Jeff Parker)
Communion (Richard Spilman)
Compassion (Krischke)

Dreaming of the Sun (Frederick J. McGavran)
In The Course of Time (Joyce B. Adams)
The Empowered Prophet (Kenneth O'Keefe)
Fairytales and Dustballs (M.J. King)
Finding Your Song (Bullock)
Gardeners (Lynn Behnke)
God Pursuit (Maureen Tolman Flannery)
The Judgment (Kenneth O'Keefe)

In Memoriam: Loretta (Francis L. Kunkel)
Our Father (Anne Turner)
Patting God on the Back (Gordon Purkis)
Powers of One (Ellen Roberts Young)
Reprieve (Olivia Diamond)
Roses and Thorns (R.J. Blair)
Salvation, It's a Dirty Job (Cheryl Gatling)
Silence (Wendy Brown)
Snow and Golden Flowers (Dorothy Winslow Wright)

The Surf (Christoper Ribaudo)
A Well Dressed Corpse (Carol Case)

List of Published Works

Spring 2003 (Issue 10)

Abraham (Shepard)
Bearing the Mark (O' Keefe)
The Champion Retires (Fein)

Constantine on the Walls (Wilson)
God's Voice Waters the Gardens (Tocknell)
Job's Wife (Kiser)
Hosea (Henry)
Isaac's Dream (Davis)
Jeremiah (O'Keefe)
Jesus Amazed (Craig)
Job's Wife (Kiser)

Judas (O'Keefe)
Judas (Snydal)
Lazarus (Lynch)
Letter to Lydia (Patrick)
Moses on Mount Sinai and Nebo (Church)
Mother Teresa uber Alles (Feela)

On Viewing Artemisia Gentileschi's Judith (Morefield)
The Prodigal's Brother (Kolin)
Pliny to Caius Suetonius... (Schwartz)
Salamanca (Keating)
The Woman at the Well (Diamond)
Too Spiritual (Styers)

List of Published Works

Art work by Atman Victor, Jathleen Gunton, Troy Tennard, and Wendy Lu.

Fall 2003 (Issue 11)

A Mind of Winter (Solensten)
Albatross (Whitehead)
Beneath the Burning Light (Mikus)
Duty (Zappala)
The Earliest Angel (Radasci)
Emeritus (Willis)
For Colby Anne Calore (Hanna)
Last Day (Packie)
October Flowers (Gribble)
Old Friend in Disorder (Mann)
Pear Lake Ski Hut (Willis)
Run for the Money (Steimle)
Sapphics on Christian Ethics (Myers)
Scripture (Giorgio)
Thank You (Freed)
The Code (Griffith)
The Heart of a Tree (Bolanos)
The Trouble With Prophets (Thorpe)
Written During the Year of My Cancer (Wilensky)

Art by TerryLee Whetstone, Durlab Singh, Hung Yu, and Troy Tennard

List of Published Works

2004 (Issue 12)

The Common Man  (Rosendahl)
Cross at Picture Rocks Retreat (Gunton)
Jesus (Gray)

The Celebration (Norris)
Della's Cellar (Floyd)
Hide and Seek (McGill)
The Pitcher (Parker)

Agave (Reiter)
Cracked Roots (McCraw)
Disobedience (Gordon)
Fallen to Earth (Carrubba)
For a Child Too Soon Departed (Brenner)
Full Circle (McCraw)
Grace (Thurman)
House of Stone (Landrum)
In the World to Come (Sher)
Last Time I Saw Her Was a Year Ago (Bourgeois)
Marriage of the Prophet (Adkins)
Moorings (Thurman)
My Symphony of Praise (Mings)
Omnipresent (Burleson)
Purslie (Raynor)
Sonnet for the Storm (Hollingsworth)
Statue in the Garden (Miner)
Stay (Crisafi)
Suffer the Child (Weisgarber)
Vanished Landscapes (Beltran)
The Well (Fantina)
When Winter Comes (Bounds)

List of Published Works

2005 (Issue 13)

Anything Too Hard for Me? (Sharol Rosendahl)
Illustrations (Troy Tennard)
Lotus Path (Kathleen Gunton)
Rahcel (Sharol Rosendahl)
Passion Flower (John A. Thompson, Sr.)

Flying (William R. Hincy)
Paper Losses (Martha Crotty)
Paradise (Julie Iven)
The Garden of Ed Eden (Diane Rosier Miles)
The Macaw Bird (Greg Perrault)

Cloister, Recycled (Anne Bingham)
Coda (Laurie Klein)
Dolorosa (Jim Kerbaugh)
Faith (Patricia Rose Pflaumer) 
Grass Beside The Church of St. Francis Xavier (Arthur Powers)
I Will Not Bite (Truth Thomas)
In Gentle Notes Seized Stron (Ida Fasel)
Gifts (Penny Henderson)
Listen (John Grey)
Mystic Exile (Alice Lindsey)
The Old Graveyard (Kathleen Murphy)
On the Frescoes...(Gail White)
Plants that Don't Bloom (Edward J. Riley)
Prayer to You (Newton Miner)
Precious Cargo (Pamela van Rene)
A Stab at Prayer (Ed Zahniser)
There is a Season (Joy Resor)
Thief in the Night (Layra E. Bontrager)
Thomas from the Tower (Of London) Writes (Dick Hayes)

List of Published Works

2007 (Issue 14)


As Days Go By (Ida Fasel)   
Witness (Ruth Linnea Whitney)           
After His Fall (Ruth Linnea Whitney)   
Ash Wednesday (Bobbi Dykema Katsanis)                
A Guide for the Perplexed (Frederick Zydeck)               
Second Sight (D.J. Smith)  
The Night My Father Died (T.A. Pitrof)      
Hymn (Richard B. Patterson)                 
He Appears (Anne Babson)                 
Levi Repents (Roger Bates Kronmann)
Today (Laverne Frith)
The Ancient Order (Scott Guild)
Lift Up the Stone (Jonathan Harrington)
11:05 PM, Bispebjerg Hospital (Bobbi Dykema Katsanis)
Finding Definition (Pamela A. MacBean)
Epiphany (Mary Rudbeck Stanko)
Shadow Heart (Sean Lause)
John the Baptist Speaks from Prison (Rose Ann Spaith)
Joseph the Journeyman (Michael Fraley)
A True Story (Cindy Beebe)
Blessings (Taylor Graham)
Easter Morning (Ian Nelson)
Letting Go the Tiller (Bruce Allen Chamberlin)
Insight (Bob Hostetler)
Reading the Ocean (David Athery)
Sacred Seams (Jerome L. McElroy)
The Rood (Andrew H. Oerke)
Black and White (Cassondra Leigh Givans)
Decision (Donna Levine-Small)
Red Wings (Linda Chapleau)
The Call to Repentance (Douglas Talley)
Bright Canaan (Charles Semones)
Known, Yet Ever New
Clearing (Taylor Graham)
Oil Can (James B. Nicola)
Everyday Sacred Things (Frederick Zydek)
Seashell (Judith Patterson Wenzel)
At Ben Gurion (Jen Blair)
Hostage: Thoughts in Solitude
Child (Elizabeth Kropf)


Enough (Katherine L. Jones)
January (Weldon Payne)
The Preacher’s Gift (Fred Jessett)
This Is Your Mom (Kathleen Lindstrom)
Veil of Truth (Matthew Slykhuis)
Tilly and the Mouth Organ (Mary Chandler)

Art & Photography--

Old and New Religion (John A. Thompson, Sr.)
Angel of Welcome (Kathleen Gunton)
Santuario del Alma (Atman Victor)
Nocturnal Friends (MelanieMonterey)
Michael and the Dragon (Rod Walker)
Illustration, “Enough” (Troy Tennard)
Illustration “Preacher’s Gift” (Troy Tennard)
Christian Woman Crying (Gale Tolf MA)
Illustration, “Veil of Truth” (Troy Tennard)
Illustration, “Tilly and the Mouth Organ” (Troy Tennard)
Church Steeple (John A. Thomspon, Sr.)

List of Published Works

2009 (Issue 15)



Lament (Diane Rosier Miles)
Cathedral (Katie Lovett)
Small Change (Anne Kohl)
Pretty Plastic Flowers for Her Grave (Scot Walker)      
 Commonplace Miracles (Ben M. Wolk)          
The Woman on the Other Side of the Hill (Janice Alonso)
A History Lesson (Mark Clark)
Cigarettes in the Morning (Emily A. Ballstaedt)   
Colors (Mary Chandler)     
Marked Women (Jeff M. Sellers)   




Prodigal Son (Barry W. North)
Ezekiel (Katie Manning)
The Last Breakfast (Anne Sheldon)
At Either End of the Web (Regina Murray Brault)
Visitation (Charlotte F. Otten)
Rebellion (Ryan Jessup)
Fallen  (B. David Truksa)
John (Doug Draime)
Five Poems (Anna Sykora)
Mama’s Stories (CC Thomas)
Shapes of Things Forgotten (Chuck Miller)
Who Will Come to Save Him, Now? (Barry W. North)
Prayer for a Winter-hardy Flower (Jean Wiggins)
Absolution (Sue Ellen Kuzma)
Looking for a Star (Vonnie Winslow Crist)
Inquirer (Mervyn Enguidanos)
Intertwined (Karen Kelsay)
De reductione omnium ad Resurrectionem (Mark Amorose)
Children’s Sermon (Nancy Bailey Miller)
Like Jacob (Nancy Bailey Miller)
White and Red (Mary Harbin Sciascia)
Carneval in Venice (Leonard H. Roller)
What We Have Lost (G. Travis Regier)
Tomb of My Heart (Kenny Ching)
Hymn to the Creator (Eric Martin)
Convergence (Jenny Walicek)
How Eagerly They Do God’s Will (Henry Harlan)
God Chasers (Teresa Burleson)
The Miraculous (Robert Wooten)


Art & Photography

Photography/Artwork by Kathleen Gunton: Baptism, On a Hill, JB Window
Illustrations by Troy Tennard
Photography by Atman Victor: La Giralda and Mendigo
Digital Paintings by Kristina Gehrmann: The Final Peace and Ecce Ancilla Domini


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2010 (Issue 16)



Nicholas Samaras
  Easter in the Cancer Ward
  Psalm in the Words of a Simple Man to Emulate
  Contemplating the Nature of Hell
  The Archbishop's Miter
  The Psalm of Then
  The Psalm of My Reality Now
  The New Old Testament
  The Pslam of Useless Prayers

Carol A. Oberg
  The Wars One Cannot Win
  I Once Watched Lawrence Welk on a Saturday Night
  Forgive Me
  Human Operations
  Making a Mess of Your Life
  The Gift of Goals and Pretty Toes
  Save Me
  The Doors Angels Open
  My First Kill
  My Father's Battle

Paul David Adkins
  War Story #33
  Joseph and Mary in Her Eighth Month
  The Star of Bethlehem as Seen from a Hopi Village
  The Tithe as Medicine for Miscarriages
  44th Field Hospital At Christiams--Bagram, AFG
  Study War No More
  Micha 6:8
  I Peter 4:10-13
  Iraqi IED Emplacement Team




Edoardo Albert
  The Wild Swan

Mark McKenna
  The Lives We Lead
  The Deer


Art & Photography--


Junior Mclean
  Beautiful Day
  Guardian Angel

Meg Eden

Kathleen Gunton
  Island Prayer


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Issue 17
Published in 2012


The Word Became Flesh (Kathleen Gunton)


Mark J. Mitchell                                                                      7

   A Balm of Liturgy / Sacramental Ennui 

   A Hazard of Devotion


Adam Hughes                                                                              9

  Variation on a Theme by God / Hesychasm 


Todd Sukany                                                                              11

  Holy Expectation / Epiphany Party / First Noel 

  Blocking Football at Godfather’s Pizza


Terry Jude Miller                                                                      14

  Old Tom the Prophet / Nirvanna


Leonard H. Roller                                                                     16

    And God Made Plastic / If Infants Wail /   Kyrielle for Judas

    Electron Haunted Space


Peter C. Venable                                                                        21

  Cool Spring Street / The Fall

  The Week the World Knows Well


Jayme Yeo                                                                                  24

   Benediction XVI: Ordinary Time, Simple Things

   Benediction VIII: Resurrection

   Benediction III: Advent, Genesis, Anticipation


Maria Veres                                                                               27

   Up on the Lord’s Farm /

   Pastor Jordan Reminds Us How to Behave in Church /

   Give Us This Day


Teresa Burleson                                                                         29

   Unveiled / Recycling / Jealous God / The Chess Game


Carol Hamilton                                                                         31

   Did They Have a Candle? / Seder, Eucharist Reminders

   The Unexpected


Laurel Garver                                                                          33

    Grace / The Camera Came


Liz Dolan                                                                                   36

    The Healer / Grace 

    How I Loved the Way Sister Hooked Up 

    May All Your Children Be Gymnasts


Jade Ramsey                                                                             40

    Pinocchio on Child-rearing / Other


Michael Neal Morris                                                                42

    In the Dog House / Holding Water / Closet


Susan Maxwell Campbell                                                        45

    Body & Soul / March 20: Day & Night 

    At Pentecost Every Spring


Kirby Olson                                                                              48

   The Beauty of Woman / Ecce Homo


C.B. Anderson                                                                          49

    Redemption / Economy  /  An Adult’s Prayer / Words


L.N. Allen                                                                                  51

    If Heaven / Lazarus of Bethany


Barry W. North                                                                        53

    Jesus Still Speaks in the Silence / Dawn / Born Again


Frank De Canio                                                                        56

    Devout Tillage / Good Heavens / God (the sonnet)


Rick Livingston                                                                        59

    Something Died


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Published in December 2000

Acrostic Church Year, The (Robert K Meyer)
Balsam (Carol White LaForet)
C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S (Elizabeth Pearson)
Christmas Story, A (Maya Sieminski)
Crane Flying (Rossme Taylor)
Dog and the First Christmas, The (Laura Dugan)
In The Stable (Rossme Taylor)
My Very Best Friend (Bruce Adkins)
Not Long, He Said (Ann Walko)
Perfect Christmas Tree, The (Maureen Stirsman)

List of Published Works

Published in December 2001

A Greek Christmas (Aphrodite Matsakis)
A Song of Christmas (R.J. Blair)
Bethlehem (Susan Lyttek)
Blanket (Reid Bush)
Christmas Morn (Barry Blander)
Christmas Time (William Fagan)
Glory Be! (Ruth Naylor)
In the Far Distance Washington's Magnetic Power (John McKernan)
Magi (Nancy Henry)
Only Thieves Travel At Night (Dory Hudspeth)
Rage Against (James Wackett)
Riddle (Rossme Taylor)
The Christmas Women (Lynn Sadler)
Wise Journey (Partica G. Rourke)

List of Published Works

Published in December 2002

A Second Look (Cornelsen)
Annunciation (Hannahan)
At the Manger (Taylor)
Christmas Past (Hay)
Epiphany (Berg)

Magi (Ahlemann)
Rushing Toward Entelechy (Buck)
When God Stepped Into Time (Blair)
El Greco's Ox (Martin)

List of Published Works


With 43% of the vote, "Branches," by Susan F. Kirch-Thibando has won the title of "best short story in the Ancient Paths 2004 Online Christmas issue." Congratulations, Susan!

With 40% of the vote, "The Magi's Journey," by Stephen Scaer, has won the title of "best poem in the Ancient Paths 2004 Online Christmas issue."  Congratulations, Stephen!

List of Published Works


Acrostic Church Year, The (Robert K Meyer)
Good Friday (Peter Benzoni)
Good Friday Rain (Robert Phelps)
The Nail (Thomas S. Burris, Sr.)
On the Morrow He Will Rise (S. Aaron Stewart)
Resurrection (Betty Pearson)
Resurrection, The (Beverly Russo)
Springtime Awaits (Betty Pearson)
Triumphal Entry (David Zelie)
Unbent Nails (J.D. Heskin)

List of Published Works


An Answer? (Denny James Corbin)
The Crucifixion (Margene Whitler Hucek)
The daffodils (S E Darby)
Easter Song (Cherise Wyneken)
Good Friday Counsel (Ruth Naylor)
Judas (David C. Jennings)
Lent (Philip C. Kolin)
Mary (Margaret E Lynch)
Mary Magdalen (Beverly Waller)
Mysterious Doubt (J. Brent Bill)

List of Published Works


A Morning Like This (Elizabeth Howard)
Angels Stand (S.L.Z. Kunzler)
Crucifixion/Resurrection (David C. Jennings)

Easter Sunday (Julie Thorndyke)
Easter (Marianna Busching)
Easter (Ruth Lata)
I.N.R.I. (Robert Wooten)
Palm Sunday (Skylar Burris)
Skull Mountain Blues (WMojave)

List of Published Works


"Beautiful Beloved"
by Linda Lee McDonald

"On Viewing Artemisia Gentileschi's 'Lot and His Daughters' at the Toledo Museum of Art"
by Kenneth R. Morefield

by Marion Rosser

List of Published Works

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