Skylar Hamilton Burris
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"Five Fiery Films: Movies That Breed Controversy." (2005).

"How to Choose a Mail Order DVD Service." (June 2005).


Writing & Publishing:


"How to Choose a Print on Demand Publisher." (May 2005).

"How to Publish Your Poetry in Magazines." (May 2005). May 2005.

"How to Start Your Own Literary Magazine." (June 2005).

"The Top Ten Pet Peeves of Literary Magazine Editors." (May 2005).



"How to Master the Literature GRE." (May 2005).



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"...a beautifully original and well-rounded sequel to our beloved Pride and Prejudice."

- Austenesque Reviews   

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Affordable writing and editing services

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"...deep and thought-provoking ...Austen fans will not be disappointed."

- Long and Short Romance Reviews